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2017 Rules

  • Tournament limited to the FIRST 100 PAID ENTRIES.
  • The Northeast Florida Ultimate Cobia Championship will begin 30 mins prior to official sunrise Saturday April 8th, 2017 and run until 30 mins past official sunset Sunday, May 14th, 2017. 
  • Each boat will be eligible to fish a maximum of three days. The Captain must declare their fishing day no later than 9:00 p.m. the day before by notifying tournament staff by email (, by texting or calling the phone number provided on your Boat Number Card. 
  • The Boat with the largest 3-fish aggregate will win the Northeast Florida Ultimate Cobia Championship
  • Each boat is eligible to weigh up to 2 Cobia per declared fishing day. If more than 3 Cobia are weighed, the smaller weights will be dropped.
  • The winner of the Northeast Florida Ultimate Cobia Championship must weigh a minimum of 2 fish. 
  • In the event of identical 3-fish aggregate weights, the tie will be broken by the teams largest fish weighed.
  • In the event of a TWT or Calcutta largest fish tie, the tie will be broken by the earliest weighed fish.
  • Captains may depart from the inlet of their choice, but may not put lines in outside of the boundaries defined. 
  • All fish must be weighed at Strike Zone Fishing Jacksonville Monday - Friday between 5:30pm and 7pm the day of fishing or between 9am and 10am for the previous day's fishing. Saturday 3:30pm and 5pm the day of fishing or between 9am and 10am for the previous day's fishing. Sunday weigh in will be 11am to 1pm.
  • No checkout is required for this tournament. Captains are permitted to tournament fish from 30 minutes prior to that day's official sunrise until 30 minutes past the official sunset. 
  • You must return to the inlet of your choice and YOU MUST CHECK IN via email/phone/text (phone number provided on Boat Number) by 9 pm on your designated fishing day. Please indicate if you have a fish to weigh. 
  • All fish weighed are subject to freshness testing,
  • The Captain and crew of all entrants are subject to a polygraph at anytime during the tournament. 
  • Winning Captains WILL be required to submit and pass a polygraph test prior to being presented any prize. Failure to submit to a polygraph test automatically revokes all claims to prizes and disqualifies the Captain and crew from the tournament. 
  • There is no line maximum, fish as many lines as you wish. 
  • ALL FISH MUST BE TAKEN ON ROD AND REEL. Electric reels are prohibited. 
  • Captains MUST provide photo evidence (digital photo) with the tournament issued boat number included for each fish being weighed. This photo must be taken on the water after the fish has been landed. 
  • Same Day Cancelation. You may un-declare a fishing day for whatever reason by 9 am via cell phone or email of the declared fishing day. You may un-declare one time for mechanical failure if a line has not been deployed. You may un-declare multiple times due to weather before leaving the inlet.
  • Boat substitutions. Captain are allowed substitute for a registered boat by a non-registered boat only once. 
  • Captains can only win one prize, excluding Tournament-Within-A-Tournament (TWT) and Calcuttas.
  • Tournament Boundaries are from the Flagler Pier (Southern boundary) to St. Marys Inlet (Northern boundary). Captains must fish in the Atlantic Ocean in US waters.