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Salty Veins Big Fish of the Week

Salty Veins Fish of the Week!! Salty Veins will give a Salty Veins Gift Package worth over $300 to the largest Cobia caught on a Salty Veins Jig for each week of the UCC018. All you need to do is take a picture of your Slob Cobia with your favorite Salty Veins Jig still in it's mouth and if it's the largest "Salty Veins" fish for the week you win!!

*All fish for the purposes of this promotion must be caught on a declared fishing day and achieve a minimum fork length of 38 inches or weigh 20lbs or more.

Salty Veins Jigs are the finest crafted and most irresistible Cobia Jigs on the market. If your'e not using should be! Get yours now @ Strike-Zone Fishing Jacksonville