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Sailfish Pot Rules


1 You must buy a ticket or buy a ticket/register online

2. Catch the first sailfish of the season after the night of the party. The sailfish may be released (recommended). If it does not meet the minimum size limit, which is currently 63” from the tip of the lower jaw to the fork of the tail, it must be released. If the winning fish is released, picture proof must be provided to me (contact me @ 904.859.6314) within 24 hours of the catch or the catch shall be disqualified. This picture proof shall include a gesture (to be announced the night of the Pot Party) made by the winning tournament participant (example: thumb down), or the picture will not be accepted as proof.

3. Winning fish must be caught within the limits of the latest Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club’s Chart

4. Boats must depart and return from the St. Johns River jetties.

5. If the successful angler is not in the pot, but his captain is, the captain is the winner.

6. If only the successful angler is in the pot, he is the winner.

7. If both the successful angler and his captain are in the pot, the captain is the winner